The I.C.F. Short-Term Motivation Method

Need to give your class that extra “push” at the end of class? Or at the end of a tough routine? Here are 3 tips that I have combined for providing short-term motivation.

Intonation: We’ve all heard this before: It’s not what we say, but how we say it. But did you know that words only account for 7% of our perceptions? According to this, 93% of our teaching is going to come across through our tone of voice, body language, facial expressions, etc. Knowing this, how can we adjust our teaching style accordingly? By expressing positivity throughout all of these means of communication.

Compliments: It’s amazing how something as simple as a compliment can change a person’s outlook. A compliment may be directed towards your class as a whole, or it can be to a specific individual. A little bit of positive motivation goes a long way towards getting through that tough routine.

Focus: I find that it helps immensely to provide customers with specific, short term goals. Direct their attention to a specific muscle group. Stress the importance of improving this area. Tell them exactly what to do to achieve the desired result. Focusing on a smaller goal as opposed to the general “Do this to be healthy” mindset allows customers to take baby steps – which improves self-efficacy and ultimately leads to a higher level of motivation.

Remember I.C.F. for your next class.