Tips to Shine As An Instructor With Your Own Q&A

I came across a blog post by Samantha Clayton on, and I just had to share it.  This article raises some tips that are applicable to each and every group fitness class, from yoga, to Jazzercise, to spin, and everything in between.  Here are 3 questions that this article raises that I find the most important to consider.

1.  Are we passionate?  First and foremost, we need to love what we are doing.  Exuding excitement for our program is like saying, I enjoy this workout, and so can you.  For our clients, getting into an exercise routine is all about finding something they like and will stick with.  It’s up to us to show them how much fun this can be.

2.  Do we come to class prepared?  It’s true that many of us are not full-time group fitness instructors, like the professional choreographer interviewed in this article.  We have other obligations — family, friends, even full-time jobs — that are major priorities.  However, when we arrive at class, our clients are our priority.  We must come ready to deliver the knowledge and expertise that our clients expect.  And this takes physical and mental preparation.

3.  Do we teach the class that we would want to attend?  Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of each one of our clients.  Are we helpful in addressing the class as a whole as well as individual needs?  Are we patient with new clients and praise effort, regardless of the individual’s skill and fitness level?  Do we engage them with each move, old and new?

Check out what Samantha Clayton has to say in her post, “3 secrets to becoming a star instructor,” in which she interviews professional choreographer, Neda Soderqvist.