Formulating Effective Abdominal Workouts

The results are in from the Two-Days-Before-Turkey-Day Poll: Majority of instructors voted that they were focusing on the abdominals in classes during the week of Thanksgiving.  (Click here to view the original poll and results.)

I often receive requests from my clients for challenging abdominal routines, and therefore, I feel motivated to vary these routines as often as possible in my classes.  But this is sometimes a challenge in itself.   More than any other muscle group, I feel that the abdominals are the most difficult to vary movements with, especially with so many veteran clients in my classes.

Reaching out other sources can be a huge assistance, so here is one resource from an expert on the topic.  Nicole Dorsey-Straff, exercise physiologist, gives her top ten tips for working the abdominals.  Not only does she list some sample movements at the end of the article, but she gives some information that can be utilized in your cuing for the abdominals as well.  Check out the article from Fitness Magazine here.


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