Overworking? Rest Can Be the Key to Success

Have you found yourself subbing for other instructors recently?  Are you teaching more classes lately than you are accustomed to?  With all the chaos that the month of December brings to our personal lives, we might find ourselves working twice as hard to substitute for instructors when needed.  Our flexibility and willingness to help out is important to the success of our clients and our business.  However, in taking on more classes than our bodies can handle, we can cause ourselves injuries from overworking, often unknowingly.  One of the more common injuries among frequent exercisers, and one that I can personally relate to, is shin splints.

Shin splints are brought on by high-impact movements, such as running or any kind of aerobic exercise that includes running, jumping, etc.  A sudden change in one’s exercise routine can trigger them.  A few years ago, I began to feel pain in my shins after adding two extra classes per week to my teaching schedule.  The biggest mistake that I made, however, was that I continued to follow this schedule after I began to feel the shin splints.  Resting is crucial for both the prevention and care of shin splints, as this article, “How To Prevent Shin Splints,” from ACE Fitness, points out.  Whether you have had a history of the injury, or simply need a small reminder to take care of your shins, this article provides some expert advice.  Check it out, and remember to take a few minutes for your health this time of year.  Stretch, drink plenty of water, and get plenty of rest.



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