Why We Should Love to Dance

I know there are many instructors out there who teach dance-inspired fitness classes, and we can’t deny that our clients love it.  Dance is anything but boring.  We do not only listen to motivating, upbeat music that drives the heart rate through the roof; we match our moves to those beats, and we’re having so much fun that an hour is over before we know it.

But there are so many more benefits to dance besides the fun factor.  Have you ever considered the mental benefits of dancing for your workout?  I thought I would share an article from Women’s Health Magazine that encourages everyone, regardless of skill, to get on the floor to dance as exercise.  Check it out for yourself, and then remember to share some of these benefits with your clients.  They already know they are doing their body a favor, but they might not be aware of the workout the brain receives when they come to class.

Here is the link to the page, “Get Into the Groove: The Benefits of Dance” on the Women’s Healthy Magazine website.  E-mail this article, post it on your Facebook page, or share some of these facts in class.  Your clients will appreciate it.


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