Bring Back the Summer Sunshine and Class Attendance

Have you ever heard a client say that the hardest part of working out is getting to class?

I certainly have, and understandably. With the weather getting gloomy and the busy holiday season quickly approaching, it can be a struggle for our clients to continue their consistent workout regimen. It’s chilly and more difficult to get going in the mornings. It gets dark earlier. And in a month or so, our clients may be tempted to go straight home after work to avoid an evening snow shower instead of stopping by for class at 6 p.m. What we need is to build the excitement, and not just after our clients have walked through our doors. And how do we do this?

If you have never tried offering your clients some creative control with the content of your class, I highly recommend it. Ask your clients for their input: their favorite songs, routines, movements, etc. They will look forward to your upcoming classes knowing that they have contributed, and they’ll get to enjoy their favorites all over again.

I have tried this for classes on holidays and busy weekends with community events, etc. Clients will make the extra effort to get out of bed an hour earlier on a cold Saturday morning to come to class if they know “their song” is going to play. It even gives them a chance to connect and discuss some of their favorite songs and movements.

So after we decide to do this, how do we spread the word to our clients? There are 2 great approaches to getting the news out to our classes, and I recommend using both.

1.) Create a suggestion box to display at the facility. Make an announcement before or after class to encourage your clients to write down their favorites.

2.) Send an e-mail that offers to accept requests. Or, even better, utilize your facility’s social media sites so your clients can see what others have requested.

Though it’s not necessary to designate a particular day for honoring requests, you may find it helpful to target a specific class time that is likely to drop in attendance this time of year. Hold an All-Request Song Saturday, or a Throwback Thursday for some of their favorite “oldies.” Or ask your clients for their ideas.

Last week our Indian summer arrived here in northern Illinois, so what happened at Jazzercise class? Our class attendance went straight through the roof on those sunny-and-75 days. Unfortunately, as we know all too well, this wonderful weather doesn’t last at the end of October. The temperatures will drop sooner or later. BUT your attendance doesn’t have to. Allow your clients to make class their own and keep them coming all winter long.

What are your methods of keeping class attendance up?  Have you ever had your clients contribute to your class?  I’d love to hear all about it in the comments section below.